About the Manuscript

THE PHENOMENON OF THE REPUBLICAN SERF is a pop sociological commentary from within the north Midwestern reaches of the Bible Belt, exploring the full spectrum of a pervasive American subculture – both its perpetrators and followers.  KA Schultz is a student of the works of sociologist Paul Fussell, who achieved renown for his humorous studies on American culture.  Her manuscript follows  in genre and in the dry wit that characterized Fussell’s portrayals of the classes.  THE PHENOMENON OF THE REPUBLICAN SERF delves a little further, as it seeks to illustrate the classes by linking them to the voting constituencies found within.

The concept of American Serfdom encompasses much of what Ms. Schultz perceives as the definitive societal dilemma of today, essentially a misguided sense of contentment, founded on an over-emphasis of materialism and its over-consumptive companion, quantity over quality, often combined with prejudicial self-elevation, which surfaces when personal spirituality is morphed into religious-based exclusionism. Even in this day and age, US citizens participate in an era of political correctness gone awry, Christianity run amok and an imposition of taste bordering on censorship. During the previous administration, they (and their tax dollar) were forced to participate in and subsidize capitalistic ventures disguised as the spread of so-called Freedom and to suffer a general alienation from the rest of the civilized world as the Bush II White House yanked an entire nation down its purportedly pre-ordained path.

Did Americans simply get what they asked for?  If so, then how could this have been what they as a supposedly civilized and enlightened society, desired? And how do the lifestyle choices of the average American citizen in areas of health, entertainment, religion, and sexuality play into this state of affairs?  THE PHENOMENON OF THE REPUBLICAN SERF stirs the waters of these and other questions that seek to connect a society to its host nation. The Phenomenon of the Republican Serf, © 2006-2009 by KA Schultz. All Rights Reserved.

Previously available at Amazon, this edition has been retired.

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