2006 Chapters – During the Reign of Bush II

1.     Think!

Pollyana goes Polemic, a wake-up call

2.     Once Upon A Time Is Now

The Serf of old is alive and newly defined;  his king holds court on the Hill and gathers the votes at harvest time;  the Serf gives of his firstborn and disproportionate percentages of his small worth, yet bows in thanks while standing need deep pithy and dwindling benefits that constitute his slice of life

3.     Is There A Genie In This Bottle?

A redefining of the American caste – er – class system: someone sure is getting his wish; observations on the conservative faction that seeks to protect obscene wealth and ensure the diminishment of upward mobility for all others

4.     In This Foie Gras Society

The American way of Conehead consumption and consumerism, a chronic condition and a diversion of the most base nature; how full bellies can squelch not only awareness but all remnants of activism

5.     This Little Piggy Stayed Home

Serfian disdain labels those who were once great housekeepers or later homemakers as “neat freaks;” from foodiness to clean-up-the-dump television shows, skills once viewed as basic necessities are either over-exalted hobbies or entertainment for the sedentary masses, who by passive viewership are led to believe they are doing good

6.     The Golden Carrot of Religiosity

Faith and spirituality take a back seat to mass religious adherence that hearkens back to primitive mind control through fear; political manipulation of the masses via guilt tripping and theocratically rationalized patriotism, meted out by some of the biggest hypocrites in the business

7.     The Biggest Sequel

Religiosity’s most x-treme shoot-out: Dispensationalism and its Second Coming machinations; the country-club effect of evangelical  Christian affectations of exclusivity

8.     Draw Nudes

Art should be the simplest door, but it is closing; when ugly and beauty collide; what is beauty anyway?  The fixation of unenlightened  aesthetic (non)appreciation  – the original shock’n awe – and its comforting blanket of censorship

9.     The Legacy of Ego

Parent vs Serf parent: are we creating superstar alter egos or miniature, equally unevolved  renditions of ourselves, or are we nurturing individuals and encouraging them to take a few steps beyond us? 

10.     Science Is/Or God’s Will

Intelligent design is no more or less than a pair of great-fitting jeans; all else, outside of one’s personal expression of spirituality, is an imposition of superstitious beliefs parading around in the guise of education and science, cloaked in multi-syllabic wordage

11.     A Small Tale of Judge Number Two

A Virginia judge’s good call; a Hoosier judge’s unimpressive, red-bent penchant for self-promotion and the funny way it worked for him

12.     Bush’s I.Q.

I is for Iraqi, Q is for Quagmire as the boy king indulges his delusions of grandeur

13.     Acknowledge The Serf

The Serf within all of us; a plea

14.     Teal Tuesday

A smidgen of blue on a red horizon 

2009 Chapters – Post Bush II

15.     Thunk! 

An ’09 election postscript

16.     Ship of Fools

Peek-a-Boo, the NIMBYist can’t see you.  The Serf and his fight against so-called Socialized Medicine, even when it is at his own expense; the Right blesses the fringe with a show of attentiveness while the special interest groups and investors they ultimately represent hold their breath; who exactly has been handed the wheel?

The Phenomenon of the Republican Serf, © 2006-2009

by KA Schultz. All Rights Reserved.

Now available in e-book/Kindle format at

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